DFW Texas Bankruptcy Attorney Testimonials / Reviews

Our Client Testimonials Attest to our Strong Legal Representation

At Fears Nachawati Law Firm, our Dallas Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyers are honored to receive letters, reviews, e-mails and other testimonials from our clients in support of our legal representation.

Many of our clients thank us for the professional and respectful way in which we interact with them and how we have put them at ease during a difficult financial period in their lives. We put all our energy into being responsive and accessible to each of our clients and to protect their legal rights under both federal and state bankruptcy laws.

Our DFW Texas bankruptcy attorneys have provided debt relief to thousands of clients by guiding them through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and through alternatives to bankruptcy.

Here is a sampling of our client testimonials:

“My husband and I worked long and hard during our lives to provide a good living and education for our children. I taught school for 17 yrs and then went back to school and became a paralegal. The company I worked for decided to move to Dallas. I did not make the move with the company and retired. After many severe medical situations with members of our family the bills piled up and so did the credit cards. I needed to do something quickly. I saw two Bankruptcy attorney’s here in San Antonio but was not impressed with either one. One morning I was looking on the internet and somehow connected to your firm. Jacqueline Sweeney called me and my first thought was “who is this woman”. I told her I would get back with her. I did not and she called again. She explained everything to me in such detail I was extremely impressed. I still hesitated to sign the contract but she made me feel like this was the right thing to do. I looked the firm up and did some research and the contract was signed. I gathered all of the information together and mailed it to the firm the next day. Rebecca Gattis was wonderful. She made sure we had everything in place prior to meeting with Sean Flynn to sign the petition. If I needed to speak with her, she was always available. We met with Sean to go over and sign the petition. Sean explained everything in detail and was a pleasure to meet. Sean filed the petition and the 341 meeting was set. I was extremely nervous but, Rebecca made me feel at ease in her emails. The day of the meeting, Sean was on top of everything. It lasted approximately 10 minutes and it was over.
Your staff was outstanding. I think people should be recognized for quality work. I did not find that quality in the two attorney’s I saw here in San Antonio. Mr. Fears, you have a great staff and I am so glad I found your firm online and Jacqueline called me back. Thank you for everything and thank you Jacqueline Sweeney, Rebecca Gattis and Sean Flynn.”

Holly T., San Antonio, TX

“Rebecca, I would like to thank you so very much for holding my hand and answering all of my questions (sometimes over and over) through this whole process…….You guys are AWESOME!”

Scheryl H.

“I found myself in a situation where I needed to file for bankruptcy protection. I had met with two separate law firms before meeting attorney Rick Musal and Gail LeVine at Fears and Nachawati. They were absolutely fantastic. They took care of my case, creditors, court appearances, and even got IRS issues resolved. They were in constant contact with me and made the whole process easy. They should charge more for the superior service, representation, and guidance they provide but don’t tell them I said that. I couldn’t be happier with this firm and the results they provided. Thank you!”

Frank W.

“I give my most sincere thanks for the great help you are giving me; the time I have spent has been very effective. All the questions I have always have a satisfactory answer, which makes me full of confidence and I know that everything will be alright. Thanks to the services my life has become somewhat normal. With all the faith I have with the collaboration of services, I can move forward. Again many thanks and God bless.”

“Yo Luis Alfonso Pinilla, quiero darles mis mas sinceros agradecimientos por la gran ayuda que Usted(s) me estan prestando, el tiempo que me han dedicado ha sido muy eficaz, en todas las preguntas siempre tengo una respuesta satisfactoria, por lo cual me lleno de confianza y se que todo me va a salir bien, gracias a sus servicios mi vida ha vuelto un poco ala normalidad, y con toda la fe que tengo con la colaboracion de sus servicios se que puedo seguir adelante. Nuevamente mil gracias, y que Dios los bendiga.”

Alfonso P.

— Dallas, TX

“I want to thank you and your firm for what help you have already given me. I have been able to focus comfortably on my medical issues without the burden of unrelenting bill collectors. You helped keep my stress levels much lower.”

Laird K.

— Austin, TX

“I would like to thank you for having a wonderful staff. My first contact with your firm was with Rebecca Souter. Speaking with her, then meeting her has had a tremendous impact on my life in so many positive ways. Rebecca went above and beyond to guide me through this process at such a critical period in my life. I felt I had nowhere else to turn and she has been a true blessing to me and so many others that might not have taken the time to say thank you very much. You have an outstanding staff. P.S. Rebecca Gattis is awesome as well.”

Gene A.

— Cedar Hill, TX

“I would like to take a minute to tell you that I am very pleased with the professionalism and handling of my bankruptcy filing. Mrs. Gattis was very helpful in guiding me though this very stressful and trying time in my life. This process was extremely well prepared and I would recommend to anyone who is considering filing in the future to use your firm and ask for Mrs. Gattis. She is extremely nice and made me feel like I did the right thing. Thank you Sir and I am very grateful to Mrs. Gattis. I am on the road hopefully to recovering though this difficult time. I see a bright light in the future.”

James S.

— Richardson, TX

“Thank you very much for your follow up emails. I appreciate your time to do so. I am especially indebted to Rebecca for her time and excellent advice. She is a natural “teacher” and her explanations were clear and easy to understand. I could not have asked for better treatment in any way. She has great people skills, so be good to her. She is an excellent addition to your firm and represents it well.”

James W.

— Garland, TX

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those at Fears Nachawati Law Firm who have helped me achieve my fresh start in finances. I began this process almost 4 years ago due to an unexpected loss in wages. From there the bills began piling up. I was lost and on top of that I had just had a baby and was so sad that the happy moment was being overshadowed by this financial burden.
When I contacted the Law Firm everyone and I mean everyone I worked with was so caring and understanding. I had heard about bankruptcy and how it was a black cloud that hangs over you. But I have to say that is not true. While in my bankruptcy I was able to fulfill my dream of homeownership, and a new car. On top of that now my children and I have a new beginning and are looking forward to an even brighter future ahead! Thank you so much I could not have made it this far and I will truly miss you all once my case is completely discharged.

Dee P.

— Austin, TX

“I have been dealing with Fears Nachawati for a couple of months now in a bankruptcy matter. Although the bankruptcy process is daunting and difficult, working with Gail LeVine, the Sr. Paralegal, has helped to make it not so ‘scary’, for lack of a better word. Gail is extremely friendly, personable, responsive, and professional. All the while helping to keep me calm and assure me that things would be taken care of appropriately. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I would and will always suggest Fears Nachawati to anyone who asks – primarily due to my interactions with Gail.

Sid M.

— Dallas, TX

“We absolutely could not find anyone on this earth that could have done a better job for us. Also, they were all so caring and we cannot tell you how much they helped us get thru this stressful time. I mean they had every period and “T” crossed and, the job was so perfect and easy to understand. Everyone was so kind and helpful from the very beginning. Jacqueline Sweeney called us first and believe me she was like an angel from Heaven. We had no knowledge or idea of what to do in a Bankruptcy Situation. Jacqueline then also had us working with Rebecca Gattis, Simona Ligere, Patrick Begley and Sean Flynn. Not a one of them can possibly be beat!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any clients that wish to speak with us, we would be more than happy to speak with them. We could not possibly have been any “greener” in law and all of these wonderful people led us step-by-step, in language we could understand. Hotel’s get 5 Star Ratings. This law firm goes way, way, beyond any charts.

We are so thankful to each one from the bottom of our hearts !!!!!!”

Mary and Robert W.

— Austin, TX

“Bankruptcy was something we never would had considered in our life time. But then the economy the way it was and salary cuts left us no choice. I did a search and thank God every day since the Fears and Nachawati Blog popped up. We had so many questions and were both scared to death over what might happen. Rebecca kept assuring us that things were going to work out and she was right. Also a special thanks to the attorney who represented us at the hearing. All I can say if you need help they’re there for you.”

Ronald L.

— Burleson, TX

“Rebecca Gattis has been a huge help through the process of getting approval from the trustee!!! She is timely and responsive.”

Kelly W.

— Round Rock, TX

“Fears & Nachawati Law Firm was a tremendous help in the filing of my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. They were very professional and efficient in handling my case. My case was discharged recently and my life is much more pleasant. The paralegals at F*N are great and are the backbone to the law firms’ success. Gail Levine (paralegal) is a wonderful and knowledgable person. Gail provides great advice and responds timely to inquiries both in email or phone. Rebecca Gattis (paralegal) was great as well and provided answers to all my questions. Trust F*N with your legal matters.”

Kendall H.

— Wylie, TX

“Jacqueline, Thank you so much for your time this afternoon, I really appreciate you giving me such personal attention. This is such a difficult decision and it’s made much easier knowing there is someone to answer questions that come up.”

Nichole F.

— Plano, TX

“Thank you! You have taken so much pressure off of me! I feel better about where I am headed financially. Not to mention the relief from the people calling and popping up on my job! Thank you Mrs. Jacqueline!”

Michele C.

— Irving, TX

5 stars –
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