Medical Debt

San Antonio Medical Debt Attorney:

Medical debt is one of the most oppressive forms of debt that a person or family may have to face. Doctor and hospital bills often exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars, even with medical insurance. Catastrophic injuries often rack up more than $1 million in bills the very first year – and this may continue for the remainder of the patient’s life. There are legal and relatively simple solutions available to eliminate your unsecured medical debt. The Fears Nachawati Law Firm offers a complimentary case review to persons who are overwhelmed by medical debt and are seeking a solution. To schedule your free case review, call us at 866-259-3002.

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Wipes Out Medical Bills:

In most cases, medical debt is unsecured. This means that there is no collateral attached to the bills. By filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in most instances all unsecured debt can be discharged within four to six months. How is this possible?

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eradicate unsecured medical bills and credit card debt.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not require unsecured debt repayment.
  • Additionally, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will protect you against creditor harassment and collection activity.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool for those with medical bills and other unsecured debt.

The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Medical Debt:

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to give the debtor the opportunity to restructure accrued debt and repay only what you can reasonably afford to. In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be able to repay your creditors over a period of three to five years. This form of bankruptcy is suited for those who have a steady income and can afford to make payments. Bills will be combined and one affordable monthly payment will be made. After you have paid your secured debts and also your mandatory debts (such as spousal and child support), your unsecured debt – including your medical debt – will usually be discharged in full by the bankruptcy court.

Contact a San Antonio Medical Debt Attorney for a Complimentary Case Evaluation:

The Fears Nachawati Law Firm specializes in providing sound advice to those who are seeking solutions to their financial problems. As bankruptcy lawyers, we are intimately familiar with the options that are available to you. A free consultation with a licensed Texas attorney is available to assess your situation. In most instances, your consultation will reveal whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is best to eradicate or reduce your medical and other debt. To schedule your free, no-obligation case review, call the San Antonio Fears Nachawati Law Firm at 866-259-3002.

1 Medical Bills Prompt More Than 60% of U.S. Bankruptcies