Credit Card Debt

San Antonio Credit Card Debt Lawyer:

If you are overwhelmed with credit card debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will normally result in the discharge of unsecured credit card debt in four to six months. A free bankruptcy consultation is available simply by calling the Fears Nachawati Law Firm. You will have the opportunity to discuss your financial situation with a compassionate bankruptcy attorney who will then review your potential options with you. To schedule your free case review, call the San Antonio Fears Nachawati Law Firm at 866-259-3002.

Credit Card Debt is Unsecured Debt and Therefore May Be Discharged:

There are basically two types of debt – secured debt and unsecured debt.

  • A debt is secured when it has some form of collateral attached to it, such as a home mortgage or car note.
  • Unsecured debt, however, is debt that has no collateral attached to it.
  • Debt accrued from credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa are examples of unsecured debt.
  • Medical bills, payday loans and personal debts that are not secured are all potentially dischargeable.
  • Once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is filed, credit card companies are prohibited from contacting you again for any reason whatsoever by virtue of the automatic stay, which halts creditor action.

The Automatic Stay”Order Instantly Prohibits Creditors From Contacting You Ever Again:

One of the great benefits of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a court order that immediately takes effect when your bankruptcy petition is filed. The automatic stay will have the following positive benefits:

  • Creditors will no longer be able to call you, email you or contact you for debt collection.
  • Creditors are to cease reporting to credit bureaus during this time.
  • Creditors will be referred to your attorney, who will speak on your behalf.
  • You will finally be free from the constant harassment of collection agencies.

Contact a San Antonio Credit Card Debt Lawyer for a Free Case Review:

The San Antonio Law Firm of Fears Nachawati offers a complimentary case review wherein you will have the opportunity to discuss your personal financial situation with a qualified and highly experienced Texas bankruptcy attorney. There is no charge for this consultation and everything that is discussed is confidential. After you finish discussing your situation, your Fears Nachawati attorney will explain the viable solutions that may be available to you. It is up to you to decide whether you wish to proceed or not. To arrange a free case review, call the bankruptcy lawyers at Fears Nachawati in San Antonio at 866-259-3002. Your consultation may take place over the phone or in person at their conveniently located office.