Stopping Creditor Phone Calls

We will take your creditor calls if you qualify. We may help you stop phone call harassment.

Fort Worth Creditor Harassment Attorneys; Protecting Your Rights

Debt problems are stressful enough without harassing calls from creditors and debt collection agencies. To make matters worse, far too many debt collectors blatantly break the laws and subject debtors to verbal abuse, threats and other unscrupulous tactics simply because they know that most debtors don’t know their rights. Bankruptcy stops creditors and debt collectors in their tracks and forces them to play by the rules. It puts an immediate end to creditor phone calls and harassment of any kind.

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Knowing and Enforcing Your Rights as a Consumer

Debt collectors must abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which is enforced by Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Act prohibits debtors from engaging in the following practices:

  • Being verbally abusive. Using profanity or obscenities;
  • Falsely stating they are attorneys, law enforcement or from a government entity;
  • Misrepresenting the amount of a debt;
  • Sending “legal” documents that are not legitimate;
  • Threatening arrest, garnishment or repossession, or any other legal action;
  • Discussing your debt with anyone other than you; and
  • Continuing to call your home/workplace after receiving a written request not to do so.

How Can a Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me?

Debt collectors can sue you, but only on behalf of the creditor, not themselves. Once you file bankruptcy, however, the Court issues an “automatic stay.” Once the automatic stay is issued, all collection activities and legal action must cease. Any creditor or debt collector who disregards the stay could face serious legal consequences. The stay protects you against unsecured creditors, but secured creditors may still file for relief from the stay.

Bankruptcy stops collection activities such as:

A bankruptcy filing brings you immediate relief from constant phone calls from demanding creditors. Once filed, any communication from your creditor must come through your bankruptcy attorney. Call Fears Nachawati Law Firm at to speak to a trusted Fort Worth creditor harassment attorneys about filing for bankruptcy.