How Bankruptcy Works

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Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorney; What is Bankruptcy? Does it Eliminate Debt?

Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect individuals and married couples like you who are having difficulties paying their creditors. To obtain financial relief, stop foreclosure & creditor harassment, you have the legal right to declare bankruptcy and (depending on your individual situation) to possibly have your debts discharged (forgiven).

Depending upon your eligibility, you may have your debts extinguished within a few months through a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy — or after completion of a Chapter 13 repayment plan. This affordable repayment plan allows those with a steady income to repay priority debts, plus secured and unsecured creditor debts within a 3 to 5 year time span.

Once your Bankruptcy Petition is filed, an Automatic Stay Order goes into effect. The Stay Order forbids your creditors from contacting or harassing you. It also puts a stop to any collection activity or civil legal action against you, such as:

How Do I Know if Bankruptcy is Right for Me?

If you notice yourself sinking deeper into debt, and fear that you will soon be unable to pay your car note or mortgage, it is advisable to see a lawyer immediately. The compassionate and capable attorneys at our Dallas bankruptcy law firm may be able to help you avoid the threat of foreclosure or repossession and help you eliminate credit card debt, hospital bills, and other forms of unsecured debt. Once your debts are discharged, this gives you the breathing room you need to meet your priority debts and family obligations.

The Bankruptcy Discharge

After the bankruptcy Court grants you a discharge, you are no longer legally liable to repay your creditors discharged through the bankruptcy. The burden of debt is lifted and you are free to build a new financial future for yourself and for your family.

Do you have questions about bankruptcy? A knowledgeable Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney at Fears Nachawati Law Firm can answer your questions during a free case evaluation. Call our Dallas bankruptcy law firm today atto schedule an appointment at a legal office near you.

“Bankruptcy was something we never would had considered in our life time. But then the economy the way it was and salary cuts left us no choice. I did a search and thank God every day since the Fears and Nachawati Blog popped up. We had so many questions and were both scared to death over what might happen. Rebecca kept assuring us that things were going to work out and she was right. Also a special thanks to the attorney who represented us at the hearing. All I can say if you need help they’re there for you.”

Ronald L.

— Burleson, TX