Divorce and Bankruptcy

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Irving Texas Debt Relief Lawyers: Moving Forward after Divorce & Bankruptcy

Any man or woman who is contemplating divorce, or who is in the middle of proceedings can tell you how painful the process can be, both emotionally and financially. There are difficult adjustments to be made. Prior to separation, the couple likely shared one dwelling and two incomes; now there may be the added burden of paying for two separate households. Minor children must be cared for, and older children just entering college must have their educational needs addressed.

If you are divorcing, your first concern of course, is to secure your children’s future and to reduce family stress by seeking guidance about your financial situation. Monetary disagreements between couples are often caused by economic uncertainty and fear.

The Dallas bankruptcy attorneys at Fears Nachawati Law Firm care about you and your family and are here to help you sort through the confusing maze of questions you may have about the financial and legal bankruptcy ramifications before and after filing for divorce.

We can address questions you may have regarding bankruptcy and divorce, such as:

Will You File Bankruptcy Separately or Together?

We often recommend that couples who are contemplating divorce and bankruptcy, visit our office together. We find that the majority of couples who file for bankruptcy jointly while they are still married, fair better financially than if they file for bankruptcy after divorce. We provide a discreet and comfortable atmosphere in which to discuss your financial concerns and legal options.

Once your debt obligations are significantly reduced or eliminated in a bankruptcy, you are both free to rebuild your individual financial futures, tailored to your own specific needs. You are also free from the added burden of creditor harassment.

Child Support and Alimony Obligations

Although ongoing obligations for Child Support and Alimony are non-dischargeable during bankruptcy, your ability to pay these obligations may become more manageable when you have your unsecured debts eliminated in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The following types of unsecured debt may be wiped out in as little as 4 to 6 months:

  • Charge Card Debts
  • Signature Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Overdue Rent/Old Utility Bills
  • Personal Loans
  • Doctor and Hospital Bills

If you are going through a divorce or have financial difficulties that hinder your ability to pay child support or spousal maintenance obligations, please contact Fears Nachawati Law Firm to speak to a debt relief lawyer as soon as possible. We have flexible payment plans and weekend and evening hours. Call our toll free number at to set up a confidential free consultation with a Dallas bankruptcy attorney at one of our five office locations.

“I called here and met with paralegal Rebecca Gattis. She was so helpful and patient, as I was overwhelmed with the decision of having to file bankruptcy, and had many questions and concerns. But I sensed Fears & Nachawati is more concerned about their clients’ (our) well-being first, thus more affordable while offering the same reassurance and level of service. As a single parent as well, it is a comfort to know I can afford to finally begin the process of moving forward. If you’re seeking a piece of mind and a new beginning financially, PLEASE call them!!”


— Cedar Hill, TX