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We May Be Able To Help You Stop Foreclosure & Wipe Out Credit Card Debt

At the Fears Nachawati Law Firm in Dallas, Texas, we know that an illness, job loss, divorce, or business shortfall can cause even the most careful plans to go awry. Even if you’ve done everything in your power to boost your cash flow and pay overdue bills – such as taking a second job and reducing your grocery bills — it may still not be enough to turn your situation around.

If a financial crisis in your life has gotten out of hand, it’s time to take action. Don’t let astronomically high medical bills or unpaid credit card debts cause you to fall behind with your car or mortgage payments. Call experienced TX debt relief lawyers immediately atto arrange for a free case evaluation.

Our Dallas Fort Worth bankruptcy attorneys can give you the legal help you need to possibly wipe out credit card debt, old utility and rent bills, debts for injury or illness, and other forms of unsecured debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you have fallen behind in your house payment or car loan, we can offer you legal options that may allow you to reorganize your secured debt in a Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to catch up with mortgage or auto loan arrears by making monthly payments that fit your income. You have 3 to 5 years to complete your repayment plan.

Dallas Bankruptcy Attorneys – Get the Detailed Legal Help You Deserve

At Fears Nachawati Law Firm, we take a detailed look at your financial situation and provide workable legal solutions through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy to stop foreclosure, creditor harassment and overwhelming debt.

A free case analysis from one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can put your mind at ease and provide you with the answers you seek, including questions related to:

Fort Worth Bankruptcy Lawyers, Offering Flexible Payment Arrangements

Our firm has a strong reputation among clients and small business owners for our legal skills and responsive service.

If you have questions about how bankruptcy works to eliminate debt, please call Fears Nachawati Law Firm to speak to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. We have several convenient locations to serve you, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Please call us atto schedule a free case evaluation.

“I would like to thank you for having a wonderful staff. My first contact with your firm was with Rebecca Souter. Speaking with her, then meeting her has had a tremendous impact on my life in so many positive ways. Rebecca went above and beyond to guide me through this process at such a critical period in my life. I felt I had nowhere else to turn and she has been a true blessing to me and so many others that might not have taken the time to say thank you very much. You have an outstanding staff. P.S. Rebecca Gattis is awesome as well.”

Gene A.

— Cedar Hill, TX